The story of more than 50 years ago... ”

Fang sawmill was established in 1955 by the vassal princess of Chiang Tung, named Tippawan, and Mr. Aekhor Saenim. It was located in Fang of the city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It was operated by Mr. Vinai Nimmanwathana, the eldest son of Mr. Aekhor, under the control of the Royal Forest Department.

Wood obtained from logging concession has generally processed into boards and other products for example doors, windows, and frames by skilled craftsmen. All timbers and wooden products were distributed by Chaiprakarn Trading, set up by Mr. Aekhor.

After the termination of logging concession of foreign companies in 1960, Fang sawmill concession expired 19 years later. Both of the founders decided to sell the business. Therefore, Mr. Vinai founded a new sawmill.

In 1991 Mr. Nopparat Nimmanwathana, son of Mr.Vinai, moved the factory and founded another one at Hangdong under the name of Nopparat Trading. The factory has primarily provided a kiln dryer in Chiang Mai in order to preserve the best quality of wood.

In 2004 Chiaprakarn Trading was relocated to Hangdong-Samoeng Road under the name of Wood World Chiang Mai. Nowadays Wood World Chiang Mai is well-known for real wood of the finest quality.